Victoria Esses

Western University of Ontario

Victoria Esses is Co-chair of the Pathways to Prosperity Partnership (p2pcanada.ca), Director of the Network for Economic and Social Trends (nest.uwo.ca), and Professor of Psychology at Western University. Her research focuses on immigration policy and practice, including public attitudes toward immigration and cultural diversity; promising practices in settlement and integration; factors promoting the settlement and integration of immigrants; and the measurement of community welcome-ability, immigrant needs and immigrant outcomes. Victoria has extensive experience conducting research in these areas, including invited work for federal, provincial, and municipal governments and for the settlement sector.

Jeudi 29 avril 2021

L’intégration des immigrants dans les provinces canadiennes.

Par Victoria Esses, Daniel Hiebert, Howard Ramos et Luisa Veronis

Président: Placide Simbizi

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