Nuria Franco Guillen

Université d'Aberystwyth (UK), Pompeu Fabra (Espagne)

Nuria Franco Guillen  is a postdoctoral researcher at the department of International Politics, at Aberystwyth University. She has previously worked at Griffith University (Brisbane) and Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona) where she obtained her PhD in Political and Social Sciences. Her primary field of research is territorial politics, particularly the intersection between stateless nationalism and immigration,  and immigrant integration policy at both regional and intergovernmental levels. Her current research revolves around secession and its framing dynamics, and she has particular expertise in the cases of Scotland, Catalonia, Corsica and Quebec.

Vendredi 30 avril 2021

L’intégration dans les petites nations et les communautés minoritaires

Par Antoine Bilodeau, Nuria Franco-Guillèn, Leyla Sall et  Catherine Xhardez 

Présidente: Carol Castro

Captation de Catherine Xhardez

Captation de Nuria Franco-Guillen


Captation vidéo de Leyla Sall


Captation vidéo de Antoine Bilodeau